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Akreditovaná zkušební laboratoř

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About us

Ústav stavebního zkušebnictví s.r.o. (USZ Construction Testing Institute Ltd.) continues its long years of experience with the introduction of a quality management system in the former state enterprise Pozemní stavby (Ground Works) Pardubice. The testing laboratory of the present USZ was originally a part of the quality management system that was responsible for the legislative and organisational implementation of the system in the state enterprise Pozemní stavby Pardubice. Testing laboratory No. 1115 of the Construction Testing Institute for Quality and Technology, registered office in Pardubice – Černá za Bory was accredited to conduct testing in the range according to the handbook of quality examinations issued on 25 October 1995, accreditation certificate No. 07/1995. The gradual displacement of the USZ testing lab and central workplace in the new premises in Pardubice – Trnová took place from January – March 1996. The festival opening of the accredited testing laboratory was held on 20 March 1996, new accreditation certificate number 120/1996. The operation of independent testing works as a limited company began on 1 February 1998 in the same range and premises – accreditation certificate number 081/1998.

There was another significant change in 2000. The number of accredited tests was increased and changes to the testing procedures carried out following the requirements of new harmonized standards – accreditation certificate number 198/2000.

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